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5 Reasons You May Need Executive Coaching

We see now more than ever that business coaches are something most CEOs don’t want to live without. Executive coaching has become increasingly popularized in recent years, as asking for help is now more commonly seen as a courageous act rather than a weak one. At EVOLVE to Lead, we believe that making the decision to undergo executive coaching is something to be proud of! It takes introspection, drive, and desire to make positive changes from the ground up and ultimately seek out a coach to achieve that change. Learn more about the common reasons that CEOs invest in executive coaching.

5 Signs It’s Time for Executive Coaching

Whether you are a current or aspiring CEO navigating big career changes, looking to invest in constant organizational development, trying to grow your emotional intelligence, improving your company’s culture, or scaling up your business, executive coaching may be the perfect next move! As with everything, change begins from within, and executive coaching is likely to positively impact your personal career, and by association, your business.

1. Navigate Big Changes

Is this your first time as an executive? Are you overwhelmed with imposter syndrome or simply wanting more insight into your new role? It’s common for uncertainties to arise when you are charting a big career move. Having someone to guide you through these processes can be a game-changer! Even experienced CEOs undergo new challenges such as expanding leadership teams, managing a board of directors for the first time, acquiring another company, or even transforming a private company to a public one. On the most basic level, your coach has seen other CEOs go through similar changes and can provide insight on what generally works and what generally doesn’t in each specific situation.

2. Invest in Constant Development

Perhaps you are more comfortable in your role as CEO and things have been going progressively well over the course of many years. At some point, however, either you, your board, or other executives on your team may begin to notice your company is not up-to-date with the latest developments in your field, environmental standards, DEIB initiatives and more–and competitors are suddenly starting to surpass you. CEOs tend to avoid fixing something if it’s not broken, but thank goodness business coaches see things differently! A CEO coach knows that constant development is necessary for you and your company to remain adaptable and evolutionary. Coaches will help you identify the right changes that need to be made in order to start shifting that stagnant energy out of your company’s way.

3. Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is recognized as one of the most important traits a CEO can have. As a CEO, you need to have a high emotional IQ to regulate your emotions and reactions, remain calm in chaotic situations, make level-headed decisions, and communicate effectively with your team. CEO coaches can help you build empathy, which will allow you to better understand your team members’ perspectives. Seeing from the perspective of others allows blind spots – those areas which CEOs may not see that others may –  to become visible. The empathy a CEO displays will be reflected in the empathy the entire organization shows to each other.

4. Improve Company Culture

When these blind spots are exposed and addressed, transparency and trust naturally start to build within your organization. Greater empathy coming from a CEO means that employees feel understood and are more willing to communicate their needs in return. This can create a beautiful feedback loop in your organization to more quickly reach the root of problems and improve overall morale. In addition, CEOs who work on their emotional intelligence and self-awareness model behavior that employees then begin to adopt. As you evolve into someone others can look up to, a culture of mentorship is fostered. While an Executive Coach will focus mainly on assisting you, it is clear that the ability for teammates to work together effectively will improve as a byproduct.

5. Grow Your Business

The need to scale up your business is one that may come back to haunt you time and time again. But with a CEO coach by your side, fear not! Executive coaches help you plan for strategic scaling, hold you accountable to meet your goals along the way, and give you the tools needed to empower employees to step up their game alongside you. When deliverables are delivered, promises kept, and goals met, scaling up will occur. Statistics show that companies who invest in coaching have increased ROI and overall stronger market performance. The results will speak for themselves.

Find Your Executive Coach at EVOLVE to Lead Today!

While we understand hiring an executive coach is NOT a magical solution to fix your company, it is definitely a step forward. At the end of the day, the CEO needs to be willing to put in the work to achieve their desired transformation. Whether you are facing changes in your career, evaluating your company’s stagnant performance, feel your emotional IQ is lacking, need to revamp your company culture, or want to scale up your business, a CEO coach may be necessary for you – both personally and professionally. At EVOLVE to Lead, we believe that actualizing one’s highest self can’t be done alone. Contact us for an executive coaching consultation today!

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