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Coaching the Coach: What is Executive Coaching?

Have you been considering hiring an executive coach? Perhaps it has been recommended by your company to add an executive coaching engagement to your development program? At EVOLVE to Lead, we help you navigate the next steps in your professional journey with a focus on your personal values. We hold up the mirror and encourage you to ask yourself: Where am I in my life? Are there things I’ve really wanted to accomplish or confront in my current role that I’ve felt afraid to do? With an executive coach, you’ll be able to reflect on your current state, reveal what should be amplified or what needs to change, and finally reimagine the kind of impact you can have on your community. Learn more about how executive coaching can help you reach the next level of your career.

What is Executive Coaching?

An executive coach provides the most personal and individually tailored development for high-level decision-makers within organizations. While executives are typically high-performers on their own, a coach can help optimize leadership performance by revealing blind spots. Through the creation of a safe, structured space in their confidential one-on-one meetings, executives are encouraged to vulnerably fail forward. Executive coaches act as trustworthy sounding boards to unlock the executive’s potential by carefully walking them through the process of understanding their current competencies and creating the roadmap to achieve their goals. Depending on the relationship that is built between the coach and the executive, the coach will typically abstain from offering advice or definitive solutions to client problems. Instead, they will guide the executive through revealing questions to help them clarify and solve these problems themselves.

Who hires executive coaches?

While CEOs and business owners may make the decision to hire an executive coach, it is common for organizations to recommend a coach to a senior executive as part of an executive development program. Organizations typically invest in an executive coach if their leaders are being groomed for a larger role, need help resolving interpersonal or behavioral conflicts, or were recently promoted and need transitional coaching.

What is the executive coaching process?

When you engage with an executive coach, you can expect to work together for at least six months to one year. At EVOLVE to Lead, we collect 360-degree feedback and perform an individualized assessment from a variety of methodologies such as the DiSC assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator. With an understanding of your current competencies and areas for growth, we then create an Individual Development Plan (IDP).  With this IDP as our shared North Star, we’ll routinely review the goals we set together on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. As this is a relationship built on trust and continuous development, we dedicate ongoing one-on-one support on a monthly basis and commit to always showing up to meet you wherever you are on your journey. While these conversations are always confidential, if your organization was the one that engaged the coaching services on your behalf, we may provide periodic status updates on milestones achieved, but anything outside of this would only be shared with your permission.

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

While the measured results of executive coaching will be informed by the specific goals that were set within the IDP, there are certainly universal benefits of partnering with an executive coach. Whether it’s being a better leader or managing stress more effectively, all senior members of an organization can be elevated through executive coaching. Here are some of the many benefits you may gain from executive coaching:

  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Deeper empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Higher levels of motivation
  • More effective and flexible leadership
  • Creation of fellowship amongst the team
  • Increased results in targeted performance area
  • Optimization of existing strengths
  • Achieving personal career goals

Find Your Executive Coach at EVOLVE to Lead Today!

Are you ready to invest in one-on-one executive coaching to help you set and reach development goals, achieve heightened self-awareness, and improve your ability to lead and self-regulate? At EVOLVE to Lead, we coach senior executives along their personal and professional journey, helping them determine what needs to happen in order to actualize their highest selves. With our diversified experience across corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors, we understand the nuances within each of these institutional cultures, and the challenges that leaders face as a result of those structures. Begin your journey with an executive coach at EVOLVE to Lead today!

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