Capacity Building

At EVOLVE to Lead, we develop and strengthen organizations that are BIPOC-run or serve BIPOC populations. This capacity is grown and strengthened over time through business process improvement, communications and marketing, development and fundraising, and project management. With sustained funding, an increase in revenue generation, and the ability to hire full-time employees, your organization can finally achieve a sense of long-term structure and stability. Are you ready to reflect on the gaps in your resources, reveal ways to build capacity, and reimagine how far your company can reach? Investing with EVOLVE to Lead means finally competing on the same playing field as those who traditionally have access to more resources and opportunities. Build capacity with us today!


Business Process Improvement

Do you feel like a lot of time is wasted in your business as decisions get passed between so many people at various hierarchical levels before actually seeing any effective results? At EVOLVE to Lead, we believe in giving decision-making authority to the person who actually has to engage with and execute the task at hand. When evolutionary leaders use knowledge to empower others instead of themselves, organizations will drastically improve productivity across all experience levels of their staff. With EVOLVE to Lead’s experience spanning the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors, we are skilled at identifying wasteful steps in business processes, decreasing operating expenses, and recommending where those freed-up resources can be more efficiently reallocated. When you use EVOLVE to Lead to improve your business process, your organization will receive these best practices:

  • Audit of all internal business processes in their current state.
  • Map of current business processes with recommendations for where to reduce wasteful steps and implementing new technology for more streamlined processes.

Communications and Marketing

Are you struggling to generate leads, or close the deal on ones you thought were promising? Working with an outside marketing consultant can provide a much-needed objective and expert perspective on what’s working and what’s not. This allows your organization to make the necessary changes to quickly and effectively streamline your messaging. At EVOLVE to Lead, we continuously evaluate your organization’s marketing campaigns from a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging lens. We will help you create messaging that appropriately reflects the demographics of your core audience, which will position you as a trustworthy partner. When you partner with EVOLVE to Lead on your organization’s communications and marketing campaigns, your organization will receive:

  • Development or refinement of an existing marketing plan
  • Development, execution, and engagement management of organic and paid social media and email marketing
  • SEO On-Page Optimization and Content Creation

Fundraising and Development

Are you looking for sustained financial stability for your nonprofit instead of relying on unpredictable annual fundraising? At EVOLVE to Lead, we help you grow your organization through building out your network and developing relational partners, rather than transactional ones. By cultivating a fundraising pipeline through organic and paid marketing, grant writing, and larger multi-year partnerships, your growing capacity will allow you to have a much broader reach. When the proper awareness is built around the work that your nonprofit is doing, your larger competitors will have no choice but to offer you a seat at the table. When you bring EVOLVE to Lead to build your capacity through fundraising and development, your organization can expect:

  • A network map and recommendations on how to develop relationships with key people and organizations in your network
  • Fundraising strategy for cultivating donors through marketing and communications that aligns with your organization’s strategic plan
  • Grant writing with a guaranteed 83% success rate of securing all grants

Project Management

Have you found that certain elements of your projects seem to miss their deadlines, go over budget or fall through the cracks all together? It may be time for you to bring in an outside source to help with your project management services. This will free up resources internally and create a singular point person to oversee each deliverable in the project. EVOLVE to Lead has successfully implemented over 200 client projects, helping teams stay on track as they navigate a project timeline and budget. We work to produce effective collaboration by ensuring that all stakeholders, regardless of where they sit in the decision-making process, are heard equally. When EVOLVE to Lead provides project management services, your organization will receive:

  • A certified project manager that oversees the execution of all deliverables associated with the project — on time, within scope, and within budget.
  • Implementation of IPECC method: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing

Let’s build capacity together.